It's high time the government 'of the people, by the people, for the people' has an elected official that listens, understands, and has the best interests of its people in mind. Now, more than ever, there is a greater need to create compassionate, efficient and effective policy and legislation.



Highly qualified Democratic Candidate Lorna Phillipson is the

Democrats’ brightest hope to defeat Republican Congressman Chris Smith in 2016

Lorna Phillipson is a bold progressive, who puts people ahead of politics.

Lorna’s knowledge and leadership experience, as a former bank trading executive, venture capitalist, adjunct professor, strategy consultant, and New Jersey Assembly candidate, makes her a uniquely qualified Congressional candidate.

As a financial executive for several international banks, she was responsible for trading and hedging billions of dollars in assets. Lorna was also an adjunct professor at New York University teaching classes and seminars in money market trading and economics. More recently, Lorna advised entrepreneurs and technology executives in Silicon Valley on strategy and business development. As a businessperson, her key strengths are financial and economic policy, leadership development, international business, workplace and technology innovation, risk management, compliance, and corporate governance.

Lorna offers practical, sensible leadership. She understands the need to work together across party lines to create efficient and effective legislation. She encourages fiscal responsibility and is a social progressive.

Her primary goals as a Congressional candidate are: the economy, tax fairness, job growth, social security, and veteran’s affairs. She advocates for a living wage, income equality, strong labor, working families, the environment, human and LGBTQrights, affordable health and education, gun safety and national security.

Lorna Phillipson intends to find the best solutions for the difficult issues facing the U.S. and will develop legislation to promote better opportunities and prosperity for all Americans as a Congresswoman.

"America was founded on the principles of freedom, opportunity, and accountability and responsibility.

I promise to put these principles in practice to create a stronger future for our children and our Nation."
- Lorna Phillipson

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"I am Lorna Phillipson and I believe in the promise of the American Dream.

I chose to run because I share your concerns about the future of our country.

Congress has mishandled our economy, misused our taxes, bungled veteran’s affairs, cut aid for seniors, the disabled, and children. They seem intent on regressing socially back to the 1950s, instead of progressing forward into the 21st century.

We are tired of the wasteful divisiveness and costly shutdowns which have crippled the ability of Congress to meet the needs of the people.

Thirty years after Reagan, it is obvious that trickle-down economics does not work. Fourteen years of war have cost us dearly, in men and dollars. Congress has failed to deliver success and prosperity for all Americans."