Lorna Phillipson was the 2016 Democratic candidate for U.S. Congress NJ4.

"I want to thank those people in the 4th Congressional District, who chose to vote for me in November 2016 instead of the career politician.

We have challenging years ahead of us. There is much legislation that Congress will try to pass, against our wishes.

The best way to get their attention is to CALL your Congressman, Senator, and State Legislators to express your views. Explain why the issue matters to you and how you want your representative to act on your behalf. WRITE, CALL, REPEAT, until you get the answer or the result you expect.

Public servants work for YOU. Research their ACTUAL VOTING RECORDS  and don't believe the propoganda from their own office. If they fail to represent you correctly, vote them out of office.

NJ has more elections in 2017, the midterm elections in 2018, and another presidential race in 2020. Vote for the person and the party which will act in your own best interests.

Remember: your vote matters."                                        #resist #indivisible

Lorna Phillipson, Executive Director             www.phillipsoninstitute.org